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Medium Voltage Panels

Medium Voltage Panels

Depar Electromechanical Inc. We provide services in the field of Medium Voltage Facilities with our experienced and trained staff both in project design and field application.

Our Medium Voltage Fields of Activity;

  • Substation Installation: Starting from the medium voltage line of a transformer facility that is planned to be established, all the medium voltage equipment installation and assembly, as well as all the productions up to the low voltage distribution panel, are made on a turnkey basis with the experience and quality of our company in Medium Voltage. Transformer centers that we manufacture,
    1. Building Type Substations,
    2. Concrete Kiosk Type Substations,
    3. Pole Type Transformer Substations.
  • Energy Transfer and Distribution,
  • Transformer Installation and Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Engineering and Consulting Services.

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