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Standart Belt Scale

Standart Belt Scale

Standard belt scales are designed for weighing bulk material carried on conveyor systems. They are used for weighing, recording and controlling the instant flow amount and the total transported amount of powder, granule, granular and piecey bulk materials, especially in the Mining, Construction Materials and Chemicals, Food, Energy sectors. The data created by recording the instant and total data of the product passing over the tape provides benefits to the business. We meet customer demands by adapting standard electronic belt scales to our existing PLC-based automation system.

Technical Specifications

  • Fast and precise measurement
  • Industrial type enclosure with protection class IP 66
  • Easy adjustment and calibration with keys
  • 1 relay output (can be set for m/s, t/h, kg/m, batch or device ready)

Remote access to all internal parameters with a computer DLMS_NW PC program (a computer program that can monitor more than one device at the same time, provides network and internet support, and can store weighing information).