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Optical Belt Scale

Optical Belt Scale

Optical belt scales are designed for weighing bulk material transported on conveyor systems. They are used for weighing, recording and controlling the instant flow amount and the total transported amount of powder, granule, granular and piecey bulk materials, especially in the Mining, Construction Materials and Chemicals, Food, Energy sectors. Optical belt scales have brought many advantages over standard belt scales. Its main advantages are the ability to calculate the product by volume (m3), easy installation, instant output with the help of a printer, and accurate and fast production analysis with the help of Excel tables.

Technical Specifications

  • It is not damaged thanks to its contactless operation with the material,
  • It is not affected by dust and vibration,
  • It has automatic measurement and data treasure,
  • Wireless data transfer thanks to the Bluetooth feature,
  • In standard applications, Serial I/O :RS-422, Analog Output:4-20mA and Digital Pulse Output:Pulse/Volume are available.
  • Sensor data is tracked with a mobile phone with software installed,
  • Thanks to its printer, it can be printed on the job site,
  • All weights can be saved in excel format by connecting to PC via USB,
  • With the help of the Internet, the recorded data can be sent via e-mail.

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