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PLC and HMI Systems

PLC and HMI Systems

PLC and HMI (operator panel) systems are used extensively in machine automation in medium-sized industrial facilities and in the control of digital and analog data in systems where precision is of great importance. With its experienced staff, our company produces all kinds of panel production based on PLC and HMI in line with customer demands, especially Schneider and Siemens.

Benefits of PLC and HMI System

  • It provides the monitoring of the enterprise by means of the parameters (level, temperature, pressure, digital signals, etc.) of the enterprise defined by the user.
  • Operation and fault conditions are monitored from the operator panel.
  • Thanks to the fault status information, it helps to eliminate the fault as soon as possible.
  • The operator panel can be monitored remotely.
  • The system can be started and stopped automatically.
  • With the help of Modbus, energy analyzer data (voltage, current, power, etc.), speed control and soft starter operating data (current, frequency, etc.) of the system can be monitored from the operator panel.

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