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Scada Systems

Scada Systems

Thanks to the SCADA control system, which is a comprehensive and integrated data-based control and surveillance system, automatic control and surveillance of all units from the control of all equipment of a facility or enterprise to production planning, from environmental control units to auxiliary enterprises can be provided. SCADA control systems provide the gradual realization of all control needs of different enterprises. Benefiting from the facilities in the business with the highest efficiency can be achieved by the managers having full knowledge of the business and production information. In the application of SCADA systems, which have a wide application area in the energy sector, our company provides quality service to its customers, especially with its experience in mining.

Benefits of SCADA Systems

  • It provides the monitoring of the operation by means of the parameters (level, temperature, pressure, digital signals, valve and motor status, system status, etc.) of the operation defined by the user.
  • By means of recipe screens, it is ensured that the production recipes are entered and the operator is informed about the working recipes.
  • It allows entering the limit values (lower and upper alarm values) required for the system via parameter screens.
  • It provides input and monitoring of PID parameters.
  • Keeping historical and real-time trends of business values is ensured.
  • It provides instant and periodic reports (production, recipe, stock, etc.).
  • It allows manual intervention from SCADA screens to the automatically operating system.
  • Display of alarms and statuses; allows it to be registered to the printer and/or database.
  • It provides advanced quality control.

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